Our team is made up of a diverse set of skilled tradespeople, many that are part of our staff and others from businesses that we work very closely with, and consider to be in the Mainbuilt "family".  This includes home designers, interior designers, kitchen and bath designers, building contractors, staff laborers, and architects.  


Part of the growth of our team is due to Mainbuilt's merger with Minnesota Cabinets, a custom kitchen and bath design firm located near Des Moines in Clive, Iowa.  Our association with Minnesota Cabinets adds a unique selection of products and services for you to choose from and helps streamline what you'll need to add to the finishing touches to your project.  Although we are separate entities, and do not work exclusively with Minnesota Cabinets, we do work very well side by side with each other when it comes to fulfilling your dreams for your custom home.   


Being able to have all these trades under one roof is more beneficial for you. You won’t have to shop around for all the different services and tradespeople to make up your team. Plus, you’ll already know that we work well together, are more closely connected to the details, and are able to get things done more quickly and efficiently.

Mark Main


Mark Main is a locally born and raised Iowan. He started helping his father with the company at a very young age. In fact, he remembers when, after he’d attend morning Kindergarten, he would take his father lunch and then help with small clean up tasks. As a young man, Mark started working alongside his father, W.R. “Bill” Main, learning the art of sturdy construction. This also helped him build his own reputation for creating unique quality custom homes.

Rick Ponstein


Rick Ponstein was born in Southern Minnesota. He started working with his father at a young age in the Construction and Cabinetry industry. He recalls watching his father draft cabinetry & home designs for hours on end. After receiving his bachelors degree, Rick moved to Des Moines to continue the family business, Minnesota Cabinets. After years of working with Mainbuilt on Cabinetry projects, Rick & Mark decided to join forces and combine companies. This merger has created a team that has added great value to clients.

Ben Frein


Ben's construction experience began with commercial construction. Ben built a successful commercial real estate investment company where he would focus on either building or remodeling under-performing properties. After a successful project with the Mainbuilt team, Ben joined Mainbuilt as a partner with Mark and Rick. Ben's primary focus with Mainbuilt is on home remodel projects.

Dan Wilhelmi


John Harrington

General Manager

Kelly Brown

Showroom Manager

Rita Byers

Project Manager

Rita has gained her professional experience through designing and managing high-end residential renovation and custom build projects in Aspen, Colorado and the Des Moines Area. As Project Manager, her attention to detail is key for keeping projects in budget and on time, all while making the process an enjoyable and rewarding experience for everyone.

Micah Jackson

Project Manager

Emily Steding

Interior Designer

Emily attended the University of Northern Iowa where she earned her bachelors of Fine Arts in Interior Design, and gained professional experience designing interiors around the Des Moines area. She has a true passion for creating uniquely beautiful designs that reflect each individual client. From trim details, flooring, and decorative tile to paint, wall coverings, and light fixtures, Emily is here to assist you with all of your design and selection needs

Kelsey Schwager

Interior Designer

Olga Boyd

Interior Designer

Stephanie Zeller


Charlie Tatro

Jobsite Superintendent

Charlie has been dedicated to gaining professional experience through Mainbuilt custom homes since he was 19 years old. After serving the company for over a decade, Charlie is well versed in the building process. From managing all subcontractors to making sure the jobsites are always on point, he will ensure an efficient and enjoyable process for every client.

Cade Kelly

Jobsite Superintendent

Cade managed his own framing business for 11 years, and he’s worked in construction management for over 5 years. From scheduling and managing subcontractors to problem solving various aspects throughout the building process, Cade will ensure every project runs smoothly and efficiently.

Scott Yount

Jobsite Superintendent

Scott currently manages our large kitchen remodel projects.

Matt Bockes

Jobsite Superintendent