Mark Main is a locally born and raised Iowan. He started helping his father with the company at a very young age. In fact, he remembers when, after he’d attend morning Kindergarten, he would take his father lunch and then help with small clean up tasks. As a young man, Mark started working alongside his father, W.R. “Bill” Main, learning the art of sturdy construction. This also helped him build his own reputation for creating unique quality custom homes.

Mark also takes the time to build a relationship with each client because he feels it’s the best way to truly be able to personalize their home. He openly communicates with each client so they feel confident in the company and the project at hand. Keeping the project personal to the client is of the uttmost importance to him. He never builds the same house twice, or imposes any type of personal signature, so you'll never recognize a “Mainbuilt home” just by looking at it. Each house is unique to its owner. No matter the size of the project, Mark works closely with his clients to meet their expectations and ultimately build the home of their dreams.