Most of our clients have never built a custom home or tackled a large scale remodeling project before. If you are new to the process too, here’s how we suggest starting:


1. Select a few architects, interior designers, and builders, and set up some interviews. You'll need to choose one from each category and make sure they all work well together because they will make up your custom home building team. If you choose to include Mainbuilt on your shortlist, you'll also have the optional convenience of bypassing this lengthly process by using our already-assembled team of home building professionals.


2. Ask your team members for recommendations on building and design. They can offer years of experience and help you make more informed decisions about the project. You don't need to know it all going into the build; let them give suggestions.


3. Make sure you feel as though you can trust the people you’ll be working with to keep your best interests at heart. Are they engaged with the project and willing to do more than just hear your ideas? Have they been good with communication so far? Remember, this is YOUR home. At Mainbuilt, your dream fuels our creativity and helps us guide you through the process.


4. Meet with your team and define as many details as you possibly can before the construction part of the project begins. The more details you can determine up front, the greater the likelihood the project will be completed within scope, on time and within budget. If everyone is on the same page in the beginning, it helps the build go much smoother.