Just as we have kept a family legacy within our company, we understand the importance of preserving a piece of history. Whether it’s a restoration of an old family home or reviving a historical piece of architecture, we appreciate how meaningful it is to you.


One area we strive for in your restoration is historical accuracy. From materials to design, we pay close attention to the details. Alongside historical accuracy, we will provide your structure with modern technology and materials, such as waterproofing and other preventative services, to help the old and the new flow together seamlessly. Our team focuses on staying as true to the original as possible, especially those projects with specific period reconstructions. Although our team is well-versed in many techniques and designs of history, your history with the building through insights such as pictures can be a huge asset.

Helping you keep the history alive is always what it is ultimately about. What you may see as a challenging restoration, we see a creative problem to solve. Staying as close to original while putting life back into your masterpiece is where we start; making your structure safe enough to enjoy again is is our goal.